4 Tips To Provide Your Cats With A New Home That They Are Sure To Enjoy

Posted on: 24 December 2015

Moving into a new home can be a difficult transition for everyone in your family, but especially if you have any cats. Most cats are not comfortable with change, so you will need to spend some time prepping the home for their arrival, if possible. Even if you need to leave them in their carriers for a while after arrival to get your new home ready, you will be able to make a big difference in how comfortable they are.

Their peace of mind will also make it easier to get your items unloaded from the moving truck and make the move less stressful for all the people in your family.

Put Blankets or Cat Beds in All of the Closets

While your cats may already have a bed or cat tree that they liked in your former home, they may not feel as comfortable being in the open when they first get to your new home. Instead, consider the likeliness that your cat will try to squeeze into a closet in the hallway or bedroom. To provide them with a safe place to sleep, but that is out-of-the-way and quiet, keep the closet doors slightly ajar and lay down some blankets or cat beds in them.

To encourage your cats to lay in the closets and feel safe, make sure any blankets or cat beds inside have their scent on them.  

Open the Windows to Provide Viewpoints

Another way to get your cat feeling comfortable in the new home is by opening some windows to allow them to look out and see the surrounding area. This can make them feel secure in the new home and provide them with something to do while you are moving around the house unloading the moving truck and unpacking boxes.

Get Cat Trees for Each Floor Level

If your new home has multiple stories, it is vital that you provide them with something to scratch on each level. Since cats require scratching posts to keep their nails trimmed and due to natural instinct, placing them throughout the home will keep your furniture and carpeting safe.

Spread Out the Food and Water Bowls

When moving into a new home, cats can get a little feisty, so instead of sticking with your normal routine of feeding your cats right next to each, you need to consider the chance that your cats may fight. By spreading out the food and water bowls, you don't need to worry about fights breaking out between your cats while they're eating or drinking.

With the tips above, your new home won't be as scary to your cats. Making a few adjustments with them in mind will also ensure that you can get unpacked and situated in your new home without a lot of trouble from your cats. Work with local movers to come up with an unloading plan that will disturb your cats as little as possible.