Three Ways Bands Can Use A Storage Unit

Posted on: 26 December 2015

Storage units aren't just for storing your old furniture and clothing. If you are a musician or singer in a band, you can find several ways to use a storage unit for your band or solo career. Here are just a few ways bands can use a storage unit.

Band Practice

While garages offer a handy space for band practice, the noise can irritate neighbors. This is especially true if you practice with your band members at night. Self-storage units offer ample room for your band's setup and many come fully equipped with the lighting and electricity you need to hold practice any time of day or night. You may have to pay extra for electricity, so be sure to ask before you rent the unit.

Consider adding some carpeting remnants and a few comfy chairs or couches to create a comfortable space to collaborate on song ideas, and add a mini fridge to store water and snacks to keep you nourished during practice. If you need to hold auditions for new band members or backup singers, you can hold them in the storage unit so that potential band members can see your practice space and get a feel for where they will be practicing.

Gear Storage

Storing your band's amplifiers, sound equipment and instruments can take up a lot of space in your garage. Instead of having each band member store the items in their own homes, keep everything in a self-storage unit. This makes it easier to load up your van before hitting the road for a tour.

You can add shelving units to the storage area to keep small items, such as microphones, and add a few guitar stands to store acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Cover your equipment with tarps or muslin cloth to protect them from dust when they aren't being used. Be sure to choose a storage unit with 24/7 security so that you can ensure your equipment will be safe when you aren't there.

You may also consider renting a unit large enough to hold your band's van so it doesn't take up space in your garage. If you have band merchandise, such as T-shirts, CDs and bumper stickers, you can keep them stored in the unit for quick access before a local performance.

Creative Space

Sometimes bands and solo artists need a quiet space to create. You can turn the storage unit into a space to get away from the noise and activity in your home so that you can work on your latest project ideas. If the storage unit has power, you can bring a keyboard to help find the right notes for each tune. Or, you can simply bring in an acoustic guitar to work out your song ideas. Keep headphones and sound equipment available so that you can record a scratch track of your new music for reference when you are fine-tuning the sound later. Bring in a few pieces of comfortable furniture and any decorative items you might want to draw inspiration from to transform the room into a creative space. Consider adding a whiteboard to the storage unit to help with brainstorming lyrics.

Before you rent a storage unit for your band, check with the storage facility's management to make sure that the units can be occupied and used for activities other than storage. Once you have a contract signed and you've paid your rent, you can begin using your storage space for virtually all your band's space needs.

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