3 Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Furniture While In A Storage Unit

Posted on: 6 January 2016

If you need to store your personal belongings for a time, you might be worried about how they will do. If you are not careful, your belongings could be ruined or damaged while in storage. The good news is that you can protect your belongings from becoming damaged by doing a couple things before you store them. Here are a couple tips for keeping your things in tiptop shape.

1. Always Put A Fresh Coat of Polish On Before Storing Furniture

If you own wood or leather furniture, you need to be sure that you are putting polish on it before you store it. This will act as a barrier between the fibers of the furniture and the outer elements. If you have wood make sure that it is a sturdy polish made specifically for wood. This will protect the wood from expanding and shrinking as the weather and moisture change.

There are specific polishes for leather that are ideal for storage. These polishes may not be ideal if you are using the leather every day because they are stronger and denser, but they will be perfect for storing.

If you store your items for a very long time, you should go in often and re-polish the surfaces if needed.

2. Get Your Furniture Off The Floor

Another important part of storing your things is to make sure that anything made of wood or leather is not put on the floor of the unit. The floor will be most susceptible to climate changes. This will cause the materials to crack and become ruined. Instead, you should use blocks or boxes to prop everything up.

Additionally, letting air pass through the bottom of the furniture will keep it looking nice. If there is no air underneath, you could get mold or cracking.

3. Loosely Cover The Furniture

Lastly, you should be sure that you are covering the furniture before you store it. You should never cover the furniture with plastic or tightly wrap it. If there is no air that can pass through, or if no oxygen can get in, it will damage the furniture. This is why draping some fabric or sheet over the items is the best way to go. It will protect everything from dust and dirt, which even in an enclosed unit, will still be a problem. Never leave any of your nice furniture exposed when storing it.

By doing these simple things you can protect your belongings while in storage at a facility like Ventu Storage Center.