Three Situations In Which You Might Find Yourself Needing Short-Term Self-Storage

Posted on: 13 January 2016

Homeowners frequently turn to a nearby self-storage business to provide an off-site home for the items they don't frequently need. Whether they load their storage unit with decorations that are needed just once per year or with old family items that are difficult to throw out, the storage unit can be used for years on end, providing a convenient storage solution all the while. Long-term storage isn't the only way to go, however. Many customers in a variety of situations can benefit from this additional storage space for just a short period of time. Not sure how short-term storage might work for you? Here are three situations in which a short rental period can help you.

Items Inherited After A Death

Being a benefactor to someone's will can often mean that you receive a wide range of items, including some that you'll wish to keep and others that you will discard. It can be problematic to bring all these items, especially if the list includes furniture, to your home – especially if your home is already small. A better option is to rent a storage unit for a short period of time, load all the items in the unit and evaluate them there. This approach won't clutter your home and if you wish to give away any of the items, you can invite friends and colleagues to the storage unit to browse the selection.

Home Renovation

It can be difficult to tackle a renovation in your home when you're surrounded by furniture and other items. Not only will you be forced to work in cramped quarters, but if you're doing a project such as changing the flooring, you'll have to empty the room anyway. Instead of distributing the room's items throughout your home and making everything cluttered, relocate everything to a storage unit. It will be out of your way, out of the dust and ready to be retrieved when you finish the job.

Family Staying With You

If you've decided to open your home to a family member needing temporary accommodations while going through a divorce or a couple waiting for their under-construction home to have the finishing touches added, your home will quickly get more crowded. You can often alleviate this clutter by transporting some of your items to a self storage facility for the short term. This will allow your new guests to have more space, as they'll no doubt be contributing suitcases and personal affairs to your space. When your guests move on, you can retrieve your stored items and get back to your normal routine.