Self-Storage: 3 Simple Tips To Ensure You Can Easily Locate Your Possessions

Posted on: 14 January 2016

Whether you are storing your personal belongings until you can move your items into a new house that you are in the process of closing or you are looking for a place to store some of your extra possessions, a self-storage unit can be perfect. However, you never know when you may end up needing some of your goods that you place in storage, so you will want to plan ahead. Here are three extremely easy tips to implement as you make use of a self-storage unit:

1. Make Sure to Leave Aisles Throughout the Unit.

Your first thought may be to stuff items into your storage unit in a way that allows you to make maximum use of the space. However, this can be challenging if you need to reach something that is packed at the back of the unit and you have no way to get back there. So, to make sure you can reach the belongings in the back, in the middle and in the front with ease, create aisles between rows of furniture and boxes. This will help you see where everything is at, while increasing the ease of access to all items. In addition, you'll be able to get things from the back out of the unit without moving a ton of stuff around in the front.

2. Make Sure to Mark Your Boxes on All Sides.

At home, as you are packing your belongings into boxes, you may write a label on the top of the box so that you know what's inside it. However, when you get to the unit, you may not necessarily place the box where the label is facing to where you can see it. Therefore, you should clearly label every single side of the box. This way, no matter which way the box is placed in the unit, you'll be able to quickly and effortlessly establish what the contents are inside any given box.

3. Make Sure to Craft a Map of the Unit.

It's probably safe to assume that you know precisely where you have packed everything in your unit. However, that's today. In a couple of weeks or months, you may not as accurately remember where you packed your grandmother's china that you want to take out for a special family gathering. To avoid the unknown like this, draw a map on the day that you are storing your items. Just make sure that you update the map any time that you rearrange your items or add new belongings.

These three tips will help you plan ahead in the event that you ever need to get something out of storage. They will help you save time and avoid making a huge mess inside the unit when you do need to go in and locate something.  For more tips, talk to a professional like Arthur's Self Storage.