• Self-Storage Guide: How To Prepare Your Washing Machine For Cold Storage Over The Winter Months

    Normally, placing household items in cold storage over the winter months doesn't involve any more considerations than when you place the items in warm storage. However there are some items that need special care and attention before you place them in cold storage to prevent the freezing temperatures of winter from causing damage to the item – one of those items is your washing machine. A used washing machine can have water inside it that can turn to ice.
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  • Three Ways Bands Can Use A Storage Unit

    Storage units aren't just for storing your old furniture and clothing. If you are a musician or singer in a band, you can find several ways to use a storage unit for your band or solo career. Here are just a few ways bands can use a storage unit. Band Practice While garages offer a handy space for band practice, the noise can irritate neighbors. This is especially true if you practice with your band members at night.
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  • 4 Tips To Provide Your Cats With A New Home That They Are Sure To Enjoy

    Moving into a new home can be a difficult transition for everyone in your family, but especially if you have any cats. Most cats are not comfortable with change, so you will need to spend some time prepping the home for their arrival, if possible. Even if you need to leave them in their carriers for a while after arrival to get your new home ready, you will be able to make a big difference in how comfortable they are.
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